My Stupid Brain

My brain is stupid sometimes. I can be talking to someone and completely forget the word I was about to say. I can take my blood sugar and 30 seconds later forgot what it

Living a Level Life with Level Foods

I love breakfast. I mean seriously, think of all the yummy things you can eat for breakfast.. fruit and yogurt, oatmeal with a little peanut butter, eggs & bacon, toast. (OK this is making

Gaining Wisdom from Teeth

Wisdom Teeth have their name because they usually show their ugly little faces around the ages of 17 to 25. A.K.A. the point in your life that you begin to become “wise”. I’m not

Execution of the Turkey Feast

Ah yes Thanksgiving (For us Americans that is). The day we remember what and who we are thankful for while we eat, drink and be merry! But maybe you didn’t feel so merry after


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It’s been a year…

It’s been one year this week that I was awaken by EMTs in my bedroom. For today I will share with you a blog that was written a few days after the experience one

Going Wireless

It’s that time.. My lovely little insulin pump’s warranty will be up next week. I am looking into the other two larger pump companies as to which I will switch to. Omnipod was one of the


With 14 years with diabetes under my belt, I’ve had my fair share of “bad days”. Most of the time I just take care of the issue and move on. I have never been

AccessorIZE Your Diabetes SupplIZE

I really love accessories. For real I want accessories for all the things! This being said.. in my opinion the very best accessories are diabetes accessories! About a year ago I had been scoping the

Awkward Diabetes Moments VOL. 01

That moment when you are at the first day at a new job, and you go to the restroom to change your pump site. As you are priming the tubing, your new coworker, who’s